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Memories of childhood and muddy earth puddles


Free Association

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home. CHILDHOOD

. . . soil. EARTH

. . . rain. PUDDLES

Use those words in the title of your post.

When I think of home, it brings me back to childhood days where many rainy days were spent sitting by the window and watching the water trickle down in little muddy puddles. I would wait impatiently for the showers to halt so my playmates and I could continue the outdoor game that has been abruptly stopped by the weather. I even remember loudly chanting  “Rain, Rain Go Away” in unison with my friends, trusting that the song has some magical power of some sorts. As soon as the rain stops, we would all come out squealing and running to play! Thinking about it, I can almost smell the  playground’s earthy after-rain smell that the soil gives off, conjuring memories of fun times spent there.  Rainy days and happy thoughts.

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